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How accurate is the Rubigo corrosion sensor?

We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor deformations in magnetic fields of steel that are impacted by corrosion. This approach is not only more accurate than visual inspections, but it can also show corrosion where the human eye can’t see it.

Can the sensor be integrated into external management systems?

Yes, our extensive API is designed to allow integration into any external management system.

How long does each sensor last?

Each Rubigo corrosion sensor is powered by a kinetic element, which converts vessel motion from waves into electricity. The sensors are waterproof and rugged, making them capable of withstanding high pressures and temperatures. Our design makes Rubigo corrosion sensors capable of lasting up to 10 years.

What is the maximum size of vessel that Rubigo sensors can be installed on?

Our sensors are sold in bundles of 20 and you should aim to install 1 sensor for every 20 sq. ft. Because our sensors set up their own ad hoc network for communication you are not limited by the size of your vessel, as long as all of the sensors are within 20 sq. ft of each other.

Is it possible to monitor corrosion levels in specific critical areas of the vessel in real-time?

To ensure smooth operation and low power consumption our sensors measure corrosion at predetermined near-real-time intervals. Through our system, you can view each sensor's readings individually at any time or corrosion levels across the entire level.

Our company has set maximum corrosion level thresholds, will Rubigo notify us when the maximum threshold is reached?

Yes, Rubigo is designed with safety in mind and using the built-in notification system you can set up the maximum thresholds to be notified when they are reached.

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